Regional Aspirations & Goals

There are seven aspirations that have been described for the Northern Agricultural Region, which are the long-term goals, or a vision of how the community would like the region to be in fifty years’ time (for example). These aspirations are pictured below. The goals corresponding to each of the aspirations are medium term (about five years) statements about what we as a regional community hope to achieve.

How goals and regional aspirations were set

The regional aspirations and goals described on NARvis have been drawn from the extensive research and effort that went into developing the previous 2005 Strategy.

One of the main differences from the previous strategy is that the goals are grouped under regional aspirations rather than by theme (water, land, biodiversity, etc.), as it was felt that landscape scale benefits were more likely to be achieved using this framework.

The current goals were refined with assistance from Western Australian State Government agencies, subject matter experts, and input from regional community group representatives and individuals via a series of workshops.

To view the full outcomes, please download the PDF report: 

Please Contact Us if you would like a copy of this report in a different format.

The goals are intended to be dynamic and feedback is encouraged to ensure these goals continue to align with the needs and priorities of stakeholders. If you would like to provide input please leave a comment below, or alternatively you can Contact Us.

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