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Browse a range of actions you can take as an individual, landowner/manager, community group, local council or government agency.

Land Use

You can help manage land use vulnerabilities such as biosecurity, land degradation, development, herbicide resistance and climate change.

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You can help manage various impacts on biodiversity such as clearing of natural areas, altered hydrological regime, recreation, biosecurity, altered fire regime and climate variability.

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You can help manage water vulnerabilities such as salinity, saltwater intrusion, sedimentation, loss of riparian vegetation, contamination, flooding and eutrophication.

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Coast & Marine Environment

You can help manage coastal and marine vulnerabilities such as development, vegetation loss on sand dunes and in riparian areas, nutrient imbalance, impact of recreation and tourism, public access, fishing,  water quality, aquatic biosecurity, shoreline retreat and climate change.

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Geology & Soils

You can help manage soil vulnerabilities such as dryland salination, fertility decine, wind erosion, water erosion, structure decine, soil acidity, soil compaction, non-wetting soils and water logging

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