Invasive species – (animal and plant pests, diseases) are effectively managed both at a local and regional scale.


Reduce the impact of priority invasive species* on native biodiversity.

* Priority invasive species to be defined.

75 per cent of land managers engaging in coordinated management of invasive species (animal and plant pests, diseases).

Strategic Actions

  • Identify and communicate the impact of, and management options for, priority invasive species.
  • Support the creation and implementation of recognised biosecurity groups (RBGs) across the NAR.
  • Support and educate land managers to ensure biodiversity co-benefits when managing invasive species for agricultural purposes.
  • Support the creation and implementation of relevant invasive species management schemes.
  • Work collaboratively to plan, implement and communicate priority actions for invasive species research, management and control.
  • Implement effective control measures at a local scale where priority biodiversity assets are being threatened.

Relevant Documents

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