Houtman Abrolhos Islands

The Houtman Abrolhos Islands (the Abrolhos) is an island archipelago 60 km off the coast of Geraldton (DBCA 2020). The islands form the most southern true coral reef in the Indian Ocean and are clustered into three groups – Easter, Pelsaert and Wallabi – spread out from north to south over 100 km of ocean. The islands and their surrounding reef communities are a meeting place for tropical and temperate sea life and one of the region’s most interesting and diverse marine areas. The Abrolhos islands were declared a National Park in 2019 (DBCA 2020) and the surrounding waters are a Fish Habitat Protection Area for the conservation of marine flora and fauna, for tourism, and to support sustainable fishing and aquaculture (DPIRD 2015). The islands fall under the City of Greater Geraldton local government authority but have been considered separately here due to their unique ecology and economy.

Islands There are three major island groups – Easter, Pelsaert and Wallabi – separated by the Middle and Zeewijk Channels.
Average Temperature Mean daily maximum temperature over ~20 years 2001 – 2019 27.6°C (Jan) and 21.1°C (Jul).
Annual Rainfall Average annual rainfall over ~20 years 2001 – 2019                270 mm (BoM 2020).

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