Developing Site Plans for Projects

If projects include an on-ground works component then a site plan must usually be submitted with the application. NACC has created an on-line mapping tool to assist this task for their Coastal Devolved Grants. Please follow the instructions below to create and print a site plan.

It may be possible to tailor this tool to assist in the development of site plans for additional funding rounds, particularly those that are ongoing (e.g. those offered on an annual basis). Please contact NACC’s GIS Coordinator for more information.

Alternatively you can create your own ArcGIS free online account to create a map tailored to your individual project. For more information or to sign up, visit Esri ArcGIS Online free personal account.

Aboriginal Heritage Site Search

If your project site map (e.g. created via the procedure above) indicates your project site may intersect with a Registered Aboriginal Heritage Site (pink hatching) then you must include in your application details of the affected Heritage Site. To do this please follow the instructions below.

You can create your project area map directly in the map above, or in a full page map.


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