Biodiversity and ecosystem integrity are maintained and improved at a landscape scale.


An additional 50 000 ha of high conservation value native vegetation (not on existing reserves) protected by 2020*.

* Native vegetation in priority landscapes, with listed species and threatened ecological communities (TECs) particularly in riparian vegetation. Protected as per International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) guidelines, a ten year management agreement, covenant, etc.

Appropriate fire regimes for biodiversity conservation adopted and maintained in areas of native vegetation by 2020.

Populations of all threatened plants, animals and ecological communities are maintained or increased**.

** Includes TEC, priority ecological communities (PECs), etc., State and Commonwealth Government listed species

10 000 ha of revegetation*** undertaken in the NAR by 2020.

***Consider: connectivity; endemic species; buffering; climate resilient species, etc. Includes protection for both biodiversity and carbon capture (preferably both)

500 ha of coastal and island vegetation protected and enhanced**** by 2020.

**** E.g. infill planting, stabilisation, invasive species control, etc.

Conservation of coastal, marine and estuarine biodiversity ecosystem function, including fish stocks, in a changing environment.

Reduction of marine debris.


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